Feeling a bit exhausted

If you haven’t checked out my Why? page yet, I encourage you to do so as it explains everything you need to know about Tri’ing 4 Wishes. The rest of the site, such as everything I’m about to type below, is far less meaningful and important.

It’s going to take a bit for my body to get accustomed to this sort of workout schedule. I’ve had 7 workouts in the last 6 days, with one rest day (meaning 2 two-a-days).  I went running with a good friend last night so he could preview the Pat’s Run course, and while I certainly didn’t feel great my timing makes me believe I just may hit my goal for Pat’s Run (4.2 miles) by finishing under 30 minutes. No promises though considering I’m not quite there yet and I really only have another week of hard training to prepare for it. For those of you who have never done it before, it’s a great event that is expected to draw more than 30,000 participants this year to show support to a man who showed what honor truly is. Check it out!

Also spent a couple hours on the bike early this morning with my dad and a friend from work. I’m much stronger in the hills than I can remember ever being on a road bike, brought back that adrenaline rush I used to get when powering up the trails of South Mountain more than a decade ago.

Swimming on the other hand…well that’s not going as well. Having not swam in 17 months certainly didn’t help, and my shoulders reminded me of that after my first swim training last week. They’re responding well now, and my upper body form is coming back faster than I thought, but my lower body absolutely does not want to cooperate. This lack of technique is cutting my potential efficiency in the water in half, if not more, and with only 5 weeks before my first triathlon I’m starting to worry that my swim is going to take 8-10 minutes longer than I was hoping for. I guess the only way to correct it is to stay in the water and keep at it though!

It’s an interesting feeling knowing that I’ve made some quick improvements, in less time than I anticipated, yet I am still so incredibly far away from where I ultimately need to get my body.



Thank You!

Thank you for checking out my blog, and welcome! I’ll be posting off and on to update everyone on my training, upcoming races and results, random acts of craziness, etc. If none of that interests you, which let’s be honest – it probalby won’t, at least visit the Why? tab. That’s what this is here for, and it’s about so much more than me and training.

It’s about helping children who are battling life-threatening illnesses in partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation. But this post will get lost at the bottom of the blog, so instead of going into it more, please check out the Why? tab.

– Aaron Oplinger

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